Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.  I wanted to share this card I made using papers from Pink Paislee's Devoted collection.  I cut the tickets from a sheet of patterned paper.  I also used the French Pastry die from Cheery Lynn for my doily.  I added some red baker's twine from The Twinery and some buttons.

For those who may not know from Facebook, my Max broke his arm badly over the weekend.  He is home and doing great now.  He is sporting a neon green cast, and his biggest complaint now is the itching!  Because he had surgery, I can not help him with the itching, as I do not want to stick anything down in that cast!
Here are the photos pre and post surgery!  I have no clue why it has LMAO on his initial X-ray!  Hopefully I will be back in a crafty routine again soon!

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Angi said...

Gorgeous card! Love the doily. Poor Max! Hope he feels better soon!

Emily Keaton said...

Oh, poor Max! I hope that he heals quickly and that the itching abates soon. I love your card--perfect for today. Happy Valentine's Day, Emily :-)

Lynn said...

Oh poor sweet boy..I hope the road to a full recovery isn't too bad for him. Sending hugs to him and you.

PS love your card...the texture is awesome.

Noelle Reese said...

That poor baby! I did see it on FB and panicked a little. No More Monkey's jumpin' on the couch LOL
I love your card. When will he get to go back to school?
I itch like MAD after my c-sections. I mean I almost claw my skin off. They always give me pills for about 24 hours. Would those help? I know you are a nurse and you know what can be done but those pills help me so much I want to kiss the nurses! <3

Sherrie K. said...

Ooooh poor Max! I hope he has a speedy recovery Emily! Sending big hugs and prayers my friend!

your card is beautiful! I love the pretty doily and gorgeous ticket! Love!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Sherrie K

Jamie Martin said...

Cute card! Hope you son heals quickly :)