Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Button Wreath Ornament Tutorial

Hello!  Emily Niehaus here with a quick and easy button wreath ornament for you!  The Paper Maniac offers a wide variety of buttons at a great value.  I wanted to show you how to put your buttons to use, and make this easy ornament.  My sister made these for everyone several Christmas's ago, and tied them to her gifts.  It is a tradition that she makes us an ornament every year.

First you want to start out with 8 buttons of the same general size.  If there are small differences in size it is okay.  I decided to use 8 of the exact same button for this tutorial.  You want to use a thin wire to weave in and out of the button holes, as if you were sewing.  This helps to make the circular shape you need for your wreath.  I used a 28 gauge wire for mine.  You want it to be thin so that you can easily string your buttons on.

After you are done sewing the wire into the buttons, twist the ends together at the top, clip and tuck on the back of your wreath so they don't show.
Now you need some embroidery floss.  I chose red.  I used a large embroidery needle and sewed through all of the button holes over top of the wire.  Make sure you don't knot it and leave a large enough tail so that when you get back to the top you can tie them together for your hanger.  Chose a ribbon of your choice, and create a beautiful bow for your wreath!  I hope you enjoyed this button wreath tutorial!  Make sure you check out the PM store for all of your button and ribbon needs!


Abi Bundy said...

Thanks for this tutorial emily this is really cool!! I'd love to have a go at a big one! watch this space :)

riya manna said...
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Bekah said...

Very cute!

Crystal said...

very cute ornament Emily!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Angie Cortes said...

How Cute! A perfect way to use all those buttons I've been hoarding LOL! Thanks for the tutorial :)