Monday, May 16, 2016

Retired Heartfelt Creations stamp sets FOR SALE

Hi there! I am trying to clear out some space in my craft studio, so I am selling some of my retired HC sets. These stamps are very gently used. Some have not been used at all and still have the paper backing on them.  You can see what I have available below. I will accept paypal payments and I will let you know how much shipping costs before sending you an invoice. If you have any questions you can contact me at

HCPC 3308-Agape Love set $5
HCPC 3313-Perfect Petal Medley set with 4 matching Spellbinders dies $10 SOLD
HCPC 3413-Basketweave Background set $5
HCPC 3449-Door To My Heart set $5
HCPC 3447-Window Accents set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3475-Special Delivery set with 1 Spellbinder die $7 SOLD
HCPC 3476-Mailbox Surprise set with 2 Spellbinder dies $7
HCPC 3477-Bird Haven set with 1 Spellbinder die $7 SOLD
HCPC 3478-Twining Roses set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3480-Brookside Manor set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3481-Add-on sentiments set with 1 Spellbinder die $7
HCPC 3487-Classic Edition set with two matching Spellbinder dies $7 SOLD
HCPC 3488-Decorative Metal Fixtures set with 1 matching Spellbinder die $7
HCPC 3491-Holiday Haven set $5
HCPC 3505-Timeless Rosette set $5
HCPC 3507-Timeless Amour set $5
HCPC 3513-Weathered Fence Post set $5
HCPC 3514-Floral Fence set $5
HCPC 3518-Vintage Watering Can $5
HCPC 3520-Botanical Oval set $5
HCPC 3521-Botanical Window set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3525-Tranqui[COLOR="Red"]l Evening set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3544-All Seasons Sentiments set $5
HCPC 3548- Dahlia Cluster set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3553-Peaceful Night set $5
HCPC 3554-Love At Christmas set $5
HCPC 3564-Blessing to Me set $5
HCPC 3565-Recovery Wishes set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3567-Juliet Spray set $5
HCPC 3570-Floral Doorway & Latch set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3572-Floral Keys & Locket Set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3583-Adorned in Roses set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3584-Lady Rosalie set $5
HCPC 3585-Raindrops on Rosettes set $5 SOLD
HCPC 3588-Vintage CLoset Collage set $5

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