Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out with the old...HUGE stamp SALE!

 For a more up to date list of what I have for sale, please go to the FOR SALE tab at the top of my blog!  Thanks!
Hello!  I am trying to par down some of my stamp sets and supplies, and before listing them on ebay, I thought I might offer them up to my blog friends first.  If you are interested in any of the things below, please email me at  I will send you a paypal invoice.  I will ship priority for $5 and $1 for each additional set.  International orders I would have to figure out what shipping would be.

Most of what I am parting with are Stampin' Up sets.  That is what I am going through first.  All sets have been used.  There may be some staining on the wood, but it won't effect the quality of the stamp!  This will be on a first come, first serve basis.  I will try to update as frequently as possible so you know what is available and what is not.

So Very  $5.00  SOLD
Party Punch $5.00
Boho Backgrounds $5.00
One of A Kind  $5.00  SOLD
Lots of Thoughts  $5.00
Around The Block  $5.00
Quick Thinking  $5.00  SOLD
Festive Four  $5.00  SOLD
Just Journaling  $5.00
Let's Party  $5.00   SOLD
Birthday Whimsey  $5.00
Made From Scratch  $5.00
Merci  $5.00   SOLD
All I Have Seen  $5.00  SOLD
Tagger's Dozen  $5.00  SOLD
Doodle That  $5.00   SOLD
Reason To Smile  $5.00
Send A Celebration  $5.00
Blooming With Happiness  $5.00  SOLD

Christmas Carolers  $7.00  SOLD
Polka Dots & Paisley $7.00
Sparkling Season  $7.00
Riveting  $7.00
A is for Adorable  $7.00  SOLD
Sweet Dreams  $7.00
Simply Said  $7.00

Fun With Shapes  $10.00
Heartfelt Thanks  $10.00
From The Garden $10.00 ( UM and never used)
Island Blossoms  $10.00
Year After Year  $10.00  SOLD

Happy shopping!


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