Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swag Bucks Earn You FREE Crafty Stuff!

Search & Win

Hello!  Have you heard of swag bucks?  I hadn't either until about a year ago.  Swag bucks is a search engine tool, that when used, can earn you swag bucks.  The amount always differs and is totally random.  As you accumulate swag bucks, you can redeem them for prizes and gift cards to places like Amazon, Pay pal, Macy's and many more!  I always get the amazon and pay pal.  I use my pay pal bucks towards my crafty supplies (amazon too!).  I also have saved up a bunch to use toward my Christmas shopping this year.

There is absolutely NO CATCH.  You basically earn FREE stuff for searches you would do anyway!  The swagbucks tool bar does not take the place of your regular tool bar.  I just add mine underneath.  Easy Peasy!

I know I have shared this in the past with people, but wanted to do so again!  I have earned HUNDREDS of dollars in free gift cards in just one year using this tool bar!

Click on the banner above to get started earning free stuff (stamps, paper and embellishments to name a few)!


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