Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plant Kindness...

Plant kindness, grow love...words to live by, right? I used The Stamps Of Life set, moremums2love for this card.  I went with a more modern/contemporary look on this one.  I used Stephanie's ink in Licorice and Guava.  I matted the horizontal and vertical panels in black and added some bling to my mum centers.  I really like this layout and plan to revisit it again.

No big plans this weekend other than baseball.  I really dislike baseball. I have tried and tried to like it, but I still think it is quite possibly the most boring sport on the face of the earth.  I feel like I am lulled into a trance, and then when something exciting happens-I miss it.  Of course, I put on my happy face for my oldest, but sometimes I think he doesn't like it very much either. LOL!  He plays three sports right now, and I think as he gets older, baseball will be the one he drops.  I will say there is nothing cuter than little boys in baseball uniforms and hats! Makes me smile. :)
I think we may be on the "you know what" list with the coach.  They were supposed to have a game that started at 6:30 last night that was about 40 minutes away.  My son started his Ohio Achievement test today, and I felt like that was way too late to be out on a school night, especially with OAA's the next day, so we kept Will home.  By the time we would have gotten home, and he showered it would have been 10:30!  I think school ALWAYS comes before extracurricular activities.  I know a lot of the other mom's were upset about the game being scheduled at that time before the tests, but I think I am the only one who put my foot down.  I hope my guy doesn't pay the price for it.  Okay...enough griping about baseball!  I just had to get that off my chest. :)

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Kate said...

Beautiful Card, LOL I totally agree with you about Baseball I think the only time I like it is when we are at the actual stadium eating Nachos and Hotdog, LOL.


Amy said...

Very pretty card- Love the bright pink flowers- they just pop on the card! :)Amy

Angi said...

Love that gorgeous splash of pink.

Good Mom for looking out for your son's best interest. The tests are brutal for my students who don't get a good night's sleep the night before.