Monday, August 16, 2010

Quickie CAS Cards-A word on embellishments and borders!

Hello!  I have had several people ask me about making CAS (Clean And Simple) cards, so I am going to try to talk about it once a week and give you some tips.  I would say that my style is mostly CAS, but I do still like to make cards with lots of layers, texture, and patterns too.

CAS is very subjective.  You CAN make a CAS card with embellishments, it just can't be busy.  My card above is an example.  I used several rhinestones on this card, but the overall style is clean and uncluttered, so it still fits into a CAS category.

I know I have talked about pre-packaged die cut borders before, but I will give them a holler out again!  THEY ARE FABULOUS to have on hand for your CAS cards.  They are also great for making LOTS of the same card when you are pressed for time.

A couple of my favorites:

Doodlebug Desgins Paper Frills-I buy them in Lily White so that I can color them with my markers and make them whatever color I want.  You get lots of different styles in one package.  I buy mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 a package.

K&Co.-They are have TONS of beautiful self adhesive packaged borders!  LOVE them!  I buy mine at JoAnn's because they seem to have the biggest selection.  I always wait until they are 40% off, but they usually retail for $3.99 a package.  They are also great for 12 x 12 scrapbook pages.

Sassafrass Lass Flag Banners- LOVE these.  These are also self adhesive die cuts.  I love the beautiful colors and patterns.  I have several sheets on hand, and they are also great for scrapbook pages along with your cards.  I buy mine at Paper Maniac for only $2.39 a sheet!

I hope this answers some questions for you!  If you have any other questions about CAS cards, or want me to show you something in a blog post, let me know!


Emily Branch said...

I LOVE the Doodlebug design paper frills, but sadly we don't have Hobby Lobby in California. All we have is ghetto Michael's and my lss. I love those paper frills. I'd buy them online, but the shipping is more than the product, which is kind of ridiculous! hahaha

Love those Sassafrass banners!!! Great tips

Amy said...

O M G...It's like CUTE just threw up all over this card! ♥ it!!

Crystal said...

SUPER CUTE Halloween CAS oh my word I LOVE Amy's comment teehee that is GREAT and totally agree gf!