Friday, January 14, 2011

Got Snow?

Hello! Here are a couple of "snowy" cards I made this week.  The first card uses stamps from MFT.  They are OLD, OLD, OLD and I don't think they even sell that set anymore, but I love the little penguins.
The second card uses stamps from Unity's December 2010 KOTM.  Love that snowman!

Got snow?  We have snow, with more on the way this weekend. I don't think we are supposed to get a lot this go around.  I LOVE snow. I love walking in it, driving in it, and watching it fall from my comfy couch out the window! It makes me feel peaceful and at ease. When it snows, it seems like everything and everyone slows down a bit.  That is definitely not all bad, in today's fast paced, high energy society. 

What are your thoughts on snow? Like or not like?  Love or loathe?  Let me know!



Lisa Foster said...

These are so cute! I never tire of "snowy cards" :) I love the snow too! It does bring about a peaceful feeling....maybe because its white & pure and falls so silently?

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

These are super super cute! LOVE that bottom one! LOVE that snowman--as for snow...I love how it looks and makes it feel like winter...but I can def. do without it! I live in FL--and that is perfect! It gets cold...but no snow (or at least not right now)! LOL!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hello Emily,

Well, I LOVE the snow on these cards! Especially that first one, I think it's really really funny! But for real.. I don't know, I have mixed feelings.. I love it falling down, and I love watching the white world, but I don't like how it melts and how the roads become ice roads and you can not even walk to work.. And my boyfriends travels to work for an hour an fifteen minutes and that's 2,5 hour per day and that's already very much, but when there's snow, it can easily take him 4 hours a day and that gives him stress.. and it makes traveling dangerous, that's what I dislike... but on the other hand, I can agree with you that it's nice slowing down and many people laugh at each other, 'cause everyone is going foot by foot and you help each other out a bit more. And I like the sound better when there is snow, it's all softer! I like that!!!
Enjoy! With us today it was only rain, rain rain...
Hugs, Wendy

Shauna K said...

these are so cute!!! totally loving the snowman :D
glad to have provided some tea inspiration ;) I was wicked excited when I realized those skinny trays fit tea bags perfectly!!! :D hehe

Tenia Nelson said...

Super duper cute cards!!!

Emily Keaton said...

Emily, these snow-themed cards are so adorable and fun! I love a good snowstorm, watching it all pile up. There's something magical about it!! But after the storm and it all starts getting dirty and crusty, I'm pretty much done with it. As long as it's fresh and white--I LOVE it!

StampinCathy said...

Love both the cards Emily.