Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jumping on your bed in the dark will get you....

The other night, Max and Luke just would NOT go to bed! They were laughing, playing, and jumping around. Both my DH and I had been upstairs several times to quiet them down. Finally we heard crying, so DH ran up the stairs to break up the fight, so he thought! Instead he started yelling, "Emily, get up here NOW!" I ran up the stairs, and there was my Max (not the wild one) covered in blood. It was dripping off his face, and his hands where he had touched his face. Even as a nurse, it is a pretty horrible thing to see your kid covered in blood. DH does NOT do well with these type of bloody events, although he tries! I grabbed a sheet off of the bed and wiped all the blood away and found the laceration that was the culprit!

Max is not my climber. Luke is the one who is into everything and always jumping off of and onto things! The only thing we can figure, is he jumped off the bed and hit his head on the window sill. Since Luke is a climber, the only furniture in their room are their two beds! We thought it would be nice to keep them together in the same room for awhile, but I think we are probably going to have to seperate them! Bye, bye craft room! My craft room is currently (a mess) in the fourth bedroom upstairs. We are in the process of refinishing out basement, but I may just move it downstairs into the study for now. DH is gonna love that!

After a late night trips to Children's hospital, where he was happy as a lark playing with the oodles of cool toys they brought him all night in the ER, we came home with 5 stitiches over his left eye. My oldest son has the exact same scar over his right eye! BOYS! What is a girl to do?

I am going to work on Sally's sketch today, and will hopefully get it up and posted tomorrow!

Have a happy stamping day!



Nancy said...

So glad that he is on the mend!! Enjoy the holidays!

Jan said...

Poor little guy! Hope all is well today!

Unknown said...

Oh no!!!! My oldest is definitely my wild one and the one we make trips to the ER and urgent care with!!! At only 4 the boy has been to the hospital more times than I have been in my whole life including delivering babies! I had never ridden in an ambulance until my son!