Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Want FREE cash to buy paper crafting supplies?

Search & Win

Hello!  Sorry no card today.  I worked all weekend and crashed yesterday.  Today I am going to pick up our new mini van.  I am one of those mom's that couldn't live without my Town & Country, and it is time to upgrade to a new one.  My new van will be LOADED with all of the new technology so I am super excited!  It is soooo fun to get something new, which is why I want to remind you all about Swagbucks.

My SIL told me about this in December, and since mid December I have accumulated enough swagbucks to earn almost $100.00 worth of gift cards!  It is super easy.  If you click on the button above it will walk you through the easy steps of getting a swagbucks tool bar.  All you have to do to start earning bucks is use the swagbucks search tool when doing your searches.  You will be amazed at how quickly your account builds just buy clicking on things that you would normally do every day.  They also are affiliated with several stores that if you shop there, you can earn bucks.  For example, I use Walmart to download music, so I always go there via swagbucks and every time I buy, I earn free bucks.  When you accumulate enough swagbucks, you can cash them in for several different gift cards.  I normally buy amazon.com and pay pal because I can use those to buy paper craft product!  I hope you give it a try so you can start earning free paper, stamps and nestabilities soon!

I will be back tomorrow with some paper crafting inspiration for you!  Have a great day!



BonnieRose said...

sounds cool Emily.. I will hv to look into it.. Gosh only knows we all need more papercrafting supplies, right? LOL ;)

Jacilynn said...

I recently started this! How do I know who is a retailer I can earn bucks through?

Any other tips on how to rack up the points????


Jenny said...

Thanks for the info I will check it out!! :D