Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily-Day 11

After visiting the train show on the tenth, I decided to pull out my old HO train set that I received way back in 1980!!!  I don't know who was more excited-the boys or my husband.  After a trip to Lowe's for a plywood board and a gallon of green paint; then a trip to our local hobby shop for special nails for the track, oil for the engine and bands for the engine's wheels-we were ready to go!  We set it up on top of the boys air hockey table in their toy room for now.  I think we will add pieces to it and build our own little train town!
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Lynn said...

Love it Emily! My dad had a train set and my mom still has it set up at her house. My boys love it!

Emily Keaton said...

How adorable, Emily! Have fun building your train village with your boys. :)