Monday, December 19, 2011

December Daily-Day 17

On this day, we braved the crowds at Bass Pro Shop, and went to see Santa!  For the past several years, this is something that Bill has done with the boys on whatever weekend I was scheduled to work in December.  This year, I was able to go with them, since I have cut my hours at the hospital.  I am not a crowd kind of girl, and it was mayhem, but it was also fun to see the boys talking with Santa.  This is the first year that Max has walked right up to Santa with NO reservations.  Since birth, he has always been scared and crying in every photograph. Not this year!  Will was a super good sport and got his photo with Santa and even told Santa something he wanted when Luke asked him why he wasn't talking! Grandma came along with us and finished up some shopping.  A fun crazy day!
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Kate said...

They are so Handsome.


Emily Keaton said...

The story of your December is just awesome. What a special gift to your family!!