Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Daily: Day Twenty-one & Twenty-two

Day Twenty-one-Our first snow of the year! Just a dusting, but snow none the less.  We were also busy with Christmas parties at school.  Super lucky this year that Max and Luke's classroom's are right across the hall from each other.  It allows me to zoom back and forth and see them.  Max is making ornaments in the upper left corner, and Luke and his friends used toilet paper to decorate their friend as a snowman.  So cute!
Day twenty-two-Basketball, Taekwondo, and an evening of looking at our favorite local light displays and Nativity scenes.  We made sure to stop and get some peppermint mocha's and hot chocolates before we started our venture.  Now...let the crazy Christmas travels begin!  We will be traveling to five parties in the next four days. I haven't done this in a lot of years, but now that Max and Luke are older, we decided to give it a go.  Hopefully they will not be grumpy when Christmas actually arrives!

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