Friday, December 21, 2012

December Daily: Days Nineteen & Twenty

Day nineteen-We went to The Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of Lights.  I always enjoy seeing the lights, and this year we decided to stop and check out Santa.  I am so thankful we did, as the Santa at Bass Pro was kind of a scrooge!  This Santa was amazing, and was very attentive to my guys.  All three boys were excited to see some of Santa's reindeer.  I am upset, because I obviously did not have my flash on for the reindeer and Frosty photos.  Oh, well.  Still memories in the making!

Day twenty-A busy day!  I met my friend Tari for lunch, and then after school we had basketball and another Cub Scout Christmas party.  Max and Luke also brought me home some beautiful, homemade cards and ornaments!  I think the teacher's sent them home a day early, since we are supposed to get some snow, and everyone in this area freaks out at the mere mention of snow!  LOL!

I can not believe that Christmas is almost here! Are you ready? I am!


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Marie L said...

I love the days when kids bring home the ornaments they made at school. Beautiful December Daily.